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Plateau Invests in AVIC International

On September 25th 2013, Plateau reached an agreement with Aviation Industry Corporation of China (hereinafter referred to as "AVIC") to takeover AVIC’s 14.31% shares of its subsidiary, AVIC International, to become the joint-second largest shareholder with the Fund of National Social Security Council.

As the leader on technology of aviation and defense-related industry in China, AVIC is China’s first military and aviation industry enterprise to enter the Fortune 500. AVIC International is AVIC’s largest second-tier subsidiary and plays an important role as an integrated platform to explore the international market, develop related industries, and expand international investments. In 2012, AVIC International contributed 40% of AVIC’s total revenue.

AVIC International has built up six major business segments including international aviation; international trade logistics and engineering; real estate and hotels; retail and high-end consumer products; high-tech electric; resource development and strategic investment. It endeavors to fulfill the strategic mission of AVIC for the internationalization of aviation business and the diversification of non-aviation business.

Based on our investment concept of capital socialization and long-term development, Plateau is actively investing in leading enterprises and endeavoring to enhance the globalization of Chinese companies, aiming to become their strategic partner. At the moment, our other investment projects of large state-owned enterprises and urbanization programs are progressing smoothly.

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