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Plateau Enters into A Strategic Co-operation Agreement with National School of Development at Peking University.

On July 6th, 2013, Plateau signed a strategic cooperation agreement with National School of Development at Peking University in Longrun Garden. The two parties will cooperate in researches of urbanization, capital socialization, and regional economy as well as other fields. ?

The two parties will form a special task group for theory and cases study of China’s urbanization and reform of state-owned enterprises towards  capital socialization. Databases for researches of regional economy and large enterprises will be set up as a result. ?

Dr. Yao, the Dean of NSD, will provide theory and policy advice in major development areas such as urbanization and capital socialization as our economic adviser. He will also be involved in evaluation and feasibility study of investment projects and deliver key-notes speech during public events. ?

The two parties will join force to organize high-end forums and seminars for academic exchange and policy build-up in the field of urbanization, capital socialization.

New model of urbanization was highlighted in the report of the 18th CPC Congress. Since that, it has become part of national strategies and will be a powerful driving force for China's future economic development. As China's economic growth is slowing down and structural problem of economy is serious, China has entered into a critical period for a new round of reform and the diversification and socialization of the capital structure of state-owned enterprises will be a major challenge. Plateau and NSD’s co-operation will focus on these major economic issues in order to enhance the restructuration and the Chinese economy.

NSD, which gathers a large number of well-known scholars including Lin Yifu, Yao Yang, Zhou Qiren, Zeng Yi, Zhang Xiaobo, Song Guoqing, Yi Gang, and Chen Ping, is a major center for both theory and practical research of China’s economy. Besides the exploration and discovery in social sciences in general, NSD will devote itself to pushing forward the comprehensive study of the social sciences in China; to making a meaningful attempt to organize cross-disciplinary research; and to grooming well-rounded talent to serve both China’s reform & development as well as the setting-up of a new global order .

This is Plateau’s first comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with such a famous domestic university. Both sides hope to develop long-term and deep relationship to discover and resolve major economic issues and facilitate the academic research of Peking University for the benefit of the society.

This strategic cooperation creates a new model of joining the forces of private equity fund and leading university together to promote the country's economic development and social progress.

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