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Plateau Has Joined Asset Management Association of China as a Special Member

Early 2013, Beijing Plateau started the application process to join the Asset Management Association of China (AMAC) according to the "Measures of the Asset Management Association of China for the Administration of Membership" and "The Guidance of AMAC for Special Membership in the Category of Asset Management" and other relevant requirements. Now, we are pleased to announce that Plateau has been adopted as a specialmember of the AMAC.

According to the Securities Investment Fund Law of PRC and the “Provisional Measures of Asset Management Institutions Carrying out Public Fund Management Business”, qualified equity investment management companies, venture capital management institutions, and other asset management institutions can also apply to carry out the funds management services for public securities funds.This will bring all categories of equity investment institutions more space for development. Therefore, many equity investment institutions have applied to join AMAC as special members, including well-known domestic private securities investment companies, private equity investment companies, local equity investment associations, asset management subsidiaries of insurance companies and qualified foreign institutional investors(QFIIs).

Established on June 6th 2012, the Asset Management Association of China (AMAC) is a self-regulatory organization that represents the mutual fund industry of China. As of May 15, 2013, the total number of members in AMAC was 370, of which include 97 general members, 86 associate members and 187 special members, including funds management companies, banks, local equity associations, insurance companies, trusts, QFIIs, private equity firms, etc.

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