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Plateau called upon Shenzhen Rail Transit Construction Headquarters Office and Shenzhen Metro Group

On Jan 11th 2017, Ms. DONG Yi, partner of Plateau Capital visited Mr. LI Fumin, president of Shenzhen Rail Transit Construction Headquarters Office. Mr. LIU Zhiyong, executive director of Plateau Capital, Ms. CAO Yue, executive director of capital management of Plateau Capital and Mr. ZHANG Dazhi, VP of capital management department of Plateau Capital attended the meeting. 

Plateau briefed on its basic information, investment portfolio, management team, investment performance, etc, and gave a thorough introduction on Plateau’s investment plans and experiences in infrastructure projects. Plateau believed that PPP broke the past tradition that public infrastructure, public projects, public services can only be supplied by government fiscal avenue, and enabled non-governmental enterprise entity and social capital to provide effective supply through the franchise management mechanism, so as to meet social public needs in a faster, more adequate, more qualified and more effective way. This is not only an innovative way of financing but an innovation of management model and social governance mechanism. PPP enabled the government to mobilize social resources while keeping its role, which not only empowered financing but also complement each other in operation management and performance improvement, as well as reduce the potential risks, and in the end maximize the public interests. 

Li spoke highly of Plateau for its professional and informative introduction as well as achievements made so far, and carried out profound discussion on key issues concerning the promotion of PPP. Both sides hoped to continue in-depth cooperation, summarize, improve and form replicable PPP cases. 

Earlier, Plateau visited Mr. ZHANG Hong, deputy general manager of Shenzhen metro group. ZHANG briefed on Shenzhen metro construction PPP projects and expressed the wish of cooperation at an early date.

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