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Plateau, Shenhua and Chery held strategic talks on joint cooperation

On January 9th, senior management of Plateau Capital and Shenhua Group paid a joint visit to Chery Automobile. Those who participated in the talks included Mr. LING Wen, General Manager of Shenhua Group, Mr. ZHANG Jiming, Vice President of SHEN Hua Group, Mr. YIN Tongyue, President of Chery Automobile, Mr. LIU Yang, Deputy General Manager of Chery, Mr. XU Hui, Deputy General Manager of Chery, Ms. DONG Yi, Partner of Plateau, Mr. JIA Jian, Managing Director of Plateau, Mr. PENG Hui, Executive Director of Plateau, Mr. LIU Zhiyong, Executive Director of Plateau, to name a few. 

Mr. LING Wen appreciated Plateau’s organization for this strategic talks on joint cooperation and stated, The Shenhua Group Corporation Ltd. was a coal-based large multinational energy company, mainly engaged in the operation and development of resources such as coal; investment and management in power generation, thermal power, port and railway transportation, shipping, coal-to-liquid and coal chemicals; planning, organization, coordination and management of subsidiary companies in production and operations. In recent years, Shenhua had been exploring mixed ownership reform with Plateau and had carried out a series of positive and profitable cooperation in capital operation. Shenhua and Chery will have brilliant prospects on cooperation in the fields of Power battery, new material (XLPE), thin film solar energy, vehicle networking control technology, etc. LING emphasized, being a state-owned enterprise, Shenhua always held a pragmatic and open attitude of cooperation and would support combining the excellent resources of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises to achieve win-win situation. Shenhua attached great importance and high expectation to future cooperation with Chery and Plateau and would promote substantial cooperation at an early date. 

Mr. YIN Tongyue expressed warm welcome to the senior management of Shenhua and Plateau, gave a comprehensive and thorough briefing on Chery’s development process, industry series, system building, strategic planning and exchanged views on Chery’s R & D investment, automotive finance, new energy vehicles, etc. 

Ms. DONG Yi said, as a professional investment fund dedicated in mixed ownership reform and industry investment, Plateau had long held the investment strategy of promoting mixed ownership reform in SOEs. Plateau had built close cooperation relations with Chery and Shenhua in the past years and would continue to push forward comprehensive cooperation with Chery and Shenhua and promote their development. 

Senior management of Chery showed those of Plateau and Shenhua around Chery’s headquarter after the meeting.

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