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Shenzhen Kaituo, Plateau Longxin and Zhaohui II Funds have Distributed funds profits for the second time

Shenzhen Kaituo Equity Investment Fund Partnership (limited partnership), Beijing Longxin Equity Investment Fund Partnership (limited partnership) and Plateau Zhaohui Equity Investment Fund II distributed funds profits for the first time on 27th May 2016. 

According to the profit and cash flow of the portfolio company since then, upon proposal by Plateau and approval by the company board, the above mentioned funds distributed profits for the second time on 23rd Feb 2017. 

The above-mentioned Funds made investment in Jan 2016, holding 70% of shares, and have distributed funds profits twice over the past year, with the accumulated annualized cash rate of return reaching 12.64%, and the second distribution an increase of more than 90% over the first distribution. 

 As the fund manager, Plateau will continue to adhere to the principle of diligence, strengthen corporate management and avoid operational risks. Investors can log in investor zone for more details of the profits distribution.

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