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Plateau was annominated to be the Vice Chairman of the Project Finance Committee of the Investment Association of China

On Jan 18th 2015, the founding ceremony of Project Finance Committee of The Investment Association of China was held at Jingxi Hotel. Zeng Xianlin, former Deputy Director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee and Minister of Light Industry, Cui Zhanfu, Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council and Director of Counselors’ Office of the State Council, Su Jun, Deputy director of Budget Committee of the NPC Standing Committee, Du Juan, former Deputy director of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, Song Xiaowu, former Deputy Director of Northeast Rejuvenation Office of the State Council, Hu Bengang, Counselor of the State Council, Gao Xinmin, Director of State Information Center, Wucheng and Jiang Hongde, academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering attended the event. Also, twenty four departmental level officials from Counselors’ office of the State Council, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Finance, and Chinese Academy of Engineering joined the event. Besides that, more than 180 delegates from dozens of SOEs including China Investment Securities, China South Industries Group Corporation, CDB Capital, China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, Beida Jade Bird Group, and Capital Group joined the event. Plateau was authorized to be the Vice Chairman of the Project Finance Committee. Senior management including Partners, Xu Xian and Chen Yi, Executive Director Liu Zhiyong attended the ceremony. 

Former Vice Premier Zou Jiahua sent a message to congratulate the establishment of the Project Finance Committee. “The third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee adopted the decision on comprehensively deepening reform. I hope China Investment Association and its Project Finance Committee can come up with new solutions to new problems arising from the new economic environment and make greater contribution to the all-round deepening reform of China’s SOEs.” He said. 

In the ceremony, Plateau elaborated on its strategies focusing on promoting private capital to play an important role in the investment in China’s local infrastructure PPP projects and the development of mixed-ownership in SOEs and shared its practice and experience in this regard. 

Plateau believes that Mixed-ownership reform in SOEs should give full play to social capital featuring private funds. Plateau can help SOE achieve the reform through formulating business plan in a strategic level, providing financing support, and optimizing the allocation of resources both along the value chain and across the industry sectors at home and abroad. Through market-oriented approach, Plateau help SOE structure incentive scheme for senior management and key employees, in order to fundamentally enhance SOE’s market and talent competitiveness. 

Plateau believes that PPP model can maximize synergy between government and private sector, so that local infrastructure projects can be provided with sufficient funds, improved construction, operation and management. Based on past experiences, Plateau has developed an effective plan allowing private capital to participate in public infrastructure projects, which will cover various public sectors including smart cities, rail transportation systems, urban water systems, bridges, roads, tunnels, water terminals and airports, etc. 

Industry experts and SOE representatives spoke highly of Plateau’s presentation and expected further communication and cooperation with Plateau within the Investment Association of China to create a favorable environment for the development of private investment. 

The Investment Association of China, administrated by the National Development and Reform Commission, registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, is a national social organization with corporate capacity. As social investment has continuously developed and has become the major force promoting economic development, adjusting industrial structure, and increasing employment opportunities, the Investment Association of China has established Project Finance Committee to promote and implement the laws and regulations related to the national key projects, to study the key theoretical and practical issues across different industries, to analyze the existing problems in project supervision, and to establish information platform of national investment projects, so that the Project Finance Committee can create better environment for the development of social investment and provide support to help social investment especially private capital participate in national key infrastructure projects.

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