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Plateau Delegates Attended Important Meetings of Huadian Xinjiang

August 29th, Plateau’s senior executives Mr. Xu Xian, Ms. Yan Jielian and Ms. Yang Qiuping flied to Urumqi to attend Huadian Xinjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd. (the "Company") 2013’s first meeting of shareholders, the board of directors and the board of supervisors after a fund managed by Plateau finished the subscription of the Company’s newly issued shares. The meeting confirmed the "Briefing on the Company's Shareholder’s Share Subscription". The representatives of the shareholders unanimously adopted the amendment to the Article of Association (2013 June Edition) and elected the new session of board of directors and board of supervisors. Mr. Xu Xian and Ms. Yan Jielian were elected as directors along with other 6 members and Ms. Yang Qiuping was elected as supervisor along with other 2 members. Mr. Yang Ming was elected as the chairman of the board of directors, and Mr. Cao Xiaofeng was elected as president of the board of supervisors  Mr. Li Dongzheng while was appointed as the general manager of the Company.

The meeting heard and approved several proposals including the 2013 financial budget, the 2012 annual profit distribution, the appointment of the Company’s auditor etc. The participants also discussed key issues such as the Company’s investment plan, energy saving and coal procurement task for 2013. The board of directors required the management to focus on the management innovation, strengthen the team building and improve the Company’s profitability to better realize the overall development strategy of the Company.



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